Liz and Chris Take a Trip

Checking Out of Chiang Rai

DSC_0002Chiang Rai is beautiful and someplace I meant to get to the entire time I lived in Thailand, but never made it until this trip. We got to wander the city, check out the White Temple and the Black House. They are both essentially Thai Buddhist art installations. The first, a temple made completely whitewashed and coated in mirrors that glints in the sun, the other a complex of buildings that are stained black. Both are very interesting and well worth the visit. Liz got her first Thai movie theater experience (I wish that had been in Bangkok where we could have really gone all out, but picking seats first was still pretty good; the movie Phee Ha Ayothaya ( was ridiculous.  In a surprising turn, I managed to eat something that got me sick first.  I spent a full day resting while trying to get the ninja in my belly to stop with the flying kicks.  Totally would have put money on Liz catching that first.  It was short lived and we had air-con in the room, so very happy for how all of that went.




We’re now hanging out in Phayao in Northern Thailand.  It is on the largest wetland/swamp in Northern Thailand, which doesn’t sound very scenic.  The Kwan (swamp) Phayao is actually very lovely, and the sunsets are quite nice.  The rainy season seems to have actually started now, with almost daily wind and thunder storms, along with some decent downpours.  Some Phayao pictures to follow shortly, we’re going to spend an extra day or two here enjoying the quite town before heading up and crossing the border into Laos.

Hope everyone is doing well, link for my Chaing Rai album is below.

Chiang Rai

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