Liz and Chris Take a Trip

Myanmar with the GooMalletts!

We arrived safe and sound in Yangon, Myanmar yesterday morning after a few weeks in the southern Thai islands and a week in Bangkok. Breia and Ryan flew in last Wednesday to join us, and we all did a quick weekend trip to Koh Samed before flying to Myanmar.


Our itinerary includes a few days in Yangon before catching an 11-hour, overnight bus to Inle Lake, where we’ll hopefully do some lakeside exploring and maybe even check out the Inle Lake winery, one of the few, if not the only winery in Myanmar. From Inle Lake, we’ll take another overnight bus to Bagan, a historic city canvased with temples. Usually Bagan has hot air balloon tours for viewing the city from above, but since it’s rainy season, we missed the chance to live large from up high, so we’ll zip through on bicycles instead and enjoy the sights from ground level. Finally, after Bagan, we’ll bus to Mandalay during the day and hopefully catch some beautiful scenery on the way.

Myanmar is new for all of us, so we’re exploring and learning together – it’s a different type of adventure than Bangkok was since Chris knows Bangkok so well and is a wonderful host / tour guide. My hope in Myanmar is to learn a lot about the country and culture and, of course, eat delicious Burmese food. We’ve already learned a few key phrases – hello, thank you, tastes good – and have already tried the local beer. Look forward to what else comes our way!

We’ll be posting on Instagram during our travels, so make sure to check there for our updates!