Liz and Chris Take a Trip

Rainy Days in Phayao

Apparently some tourist brochures were put out in the past describing Phayao as the Vienna of Southeast Asia.  While I haven’t been to Vienna, I doubt that is a very accurate comparison.  We do happen to be here for the annual lychee harvest festival (which is big news in these parts) which lasts for 10 days and includes shows, markets, carnival rides and general merriment, which makes this generally quiet town a little more lively.  There a chickens crowing constantly, random dog choruses and lovely promenade along the water.  While certainly not our original plan when we got here, we are planning on spending a few extra days here slowly walking around the city and getting in some internet stuff.  Hopefully by the time we leave from here we’ll have our budget/cost spreadsheet up and running well for our data tracking, photo albums updated and blog up to date.  We’re also adding an Instagram feed and possibly other stuff depending on what looks best.

Curious Chicken

Curious chicken taking a peek

While we are here I am making some dents on my steps for Project Management Professional certification, which I never seemed to get around to earlier; and working on a java developers course. Pretty thankful that rainy season has started and there are decent chunks of time where we have no desire to walk outside and get drenched.

Here is a link to the photos from Phayao.  Kept getting distracted, so this is actually getting posted from Huay Xai, Laos.  We’re looking at hopping onto a boat down the Mekong River tomorrow morning and spending the next two days floating down to Luang Prabang.  More to come soon.



2 thoughts on “Rainy Days in Phayao

  1. Steve

    Looks absolutely idyllic! So nice you were able to settle in for a week. I WANT that grilled, salted fish. You look fabulous in those pants!!!


    1. Liz

      Steve, I plan on rocking more SE Asia tourist fashion…so stay tuned!! (Though I haven’t yet embraced those baggy elephant print pajama pants….YET.)